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Hi there! I am so glad you dropped by to visit.

My blog is called Along the Way because that’s where I hope you are—on a journey, seeking both God and your best life. I’m trying to do that too, and I’d like to walk along the way with you.

Life can be pretty discouraging. So on this blog, you’ll find encouraging stories, rare interviews and fresh ideas that will touch your heart, lift you up and leave you smiling.

I’ve even written a book to help you walk along the way called, Seeking a Familiar Face and its companion daily study guide, A 40-Day Guide for Seeking God.

I wrote these books to encourage both you and me to seek after God, like never before. I believe it’s impossible to get too close to Him; there’s always room to draw nearer. And the closer you are to God, the more meaningful your life will become.

I believe seeking God and your best life go hand in hand, so I write about living well, too.

Living your best life can start today because you and I always have room to learn, to create and to live better than we did yesterday. And that’s exciting!

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Please take a few minutes to look around the site, read a few stories and be inspired to laugh or to love just a little bit more today.

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“Seeking God has a ripple effect from here to eternity, touching individuals, lives, and circumstances more than we may ever know.”

May Patterson, Seeking a Familiar Face

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Seeking a Familiar Face: The Transformational Journey of Connecting with God

The greatest adventure of your life awaits. And it will change everything.

Ever feel disappointed? Like your life isn’t as fulfilling as you had always dreamed it would be? Are you laden down with responsibilities, feeling overwhelmed and empty, or maybe even a bit caged? You’re not alone. Many people in the Bible felt the same way. Most had difficulties. Some felt stuck. Others were depressed. Afraid. Uncertain. And some just wanted to get closer to God.

So they set out on life’s grand adventure—seeking God—and encountered the One who fulfilled their longings and changed their lives forever. The same can happen for you. Seeking a Familiar Face guides you on the transforming journey of connecting with God, through simple, yet extraordinary ways. It doesn’t matter if you are already seeking Him or just getting started, this book will encourage you to go a little farther toward locking hearts with God.

Inside this book:

  • Engaging narratives from 10 biblical characters

  • Stories, humor, and practical ideas for seeking God

  • Thought-provoking questions to discuss with a friend or group

  • Fresh hope for deepened intimacy with God

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What people are saying about Seeking a Familiar Face:

May writes about real life issues. She is a gifted storyteller. She encourages you to seek and know God. The strength she found by seeking God encourages me to seek Him like never before. Purchase this book and begin your  journey through Seeking a Familiar Face. I’m glad I did, and you will be, too!

Jackie, Reader of Seeking a Familiar Face

Seeking a Familiar Face is a beautiful guide to focusing your heart on Jesus. I read through it once, unable to put it down, and am now reading is again slowly and with intention. The questions at the end of each chapter are thought provoking and lovingly challenging. I really enjoy the way May Patterson speaks through familiar bible characters with a modern perspective. Great for individual or group study.

Dawn, Reader of Seeking a Familiar Face

May is so open and honest in her writing of this book. She shares from her heart – it’s like she is sitting across the table sharing a cup of coffee with you! You will smile, maybe shed a tear or two, but most importantly you will be encouraged to seek the Lord in new ways. Reading this book changed my faith! I highly recommend it!

Anita, Reader of Seeking a Familiar Face
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