Now that the kids are back in school, life may be settling back into more of a routine.

Maybe you’ve thought about joining a fall Bible study soon so

Let me invite you to join me as I teach my study, A Time to Seek, this fall at Rivertree Church in Hampton Cove.

But why study about seeking & finding God, if you have already found Him?

That’s a great question.

God asks His children to do something kind of peculiar—to seek and find Him over and over. Every day. Does God hide or get lost? Hardly. He wants us to seek Him because we tend to veer off-course. Purposely staying close to God enables exciting changes. Seekers are actually guaranteed a special reward for seeking (Heb. 11:6). But some fail to make time. Others may not know how to seek. Some may need encouragement to keep it up. I can certainly relate!

Seeking an invisible God is sometimes difficult, so He gave us a Bible filled with stories of seekers–an aspect of familiar stories you may not have really noticed before. I’d love to explore these stories with you. (And share a few of my own)

Please join us this fall for A Time to Seek, as we journey together toward the unseen to find blessings that cannot be taken away!

Tuesday mornings: 9:15-11:15, starting 9/6-11/1

Thursday nights 6:30-8:15, starting 9/8-11/3

At Rivertree Church in Hampton Cove, AL. Register online at

Can’t make it this fall? I will be teaching A Time to Seek at Twickenham Church of Christ on Tuesday mornings and at Madison Bible Church on Tuesday nights and Wednesday mornings, starting January 10, 2017.