Many of you will gather with friends and family around a table soon to celebrate Christmas together.

But honestly, sometimes conversations with your relatives and friends can be a little awkward, boring, or even a bit annoying. Christmas table talk might go something like this:

“How have you been?”
“I’m doing well! How about you and the kids?”
“We’re fine, we’ve been just so incredibly busy, lately.”

Positively riveting conversation…then it may shift to the food:

“My, my this cranberry salad is delicious.”
“Thank you, I’ll send you the recipe.”
“Thanks, but you already sent it, last year.”
“Did I tell you about the time my cousin Sally danced with Santa…”
“Why yes you have, several times.”
“Well, I’ll tell it again, anyway. Once Sally was dancing down at the mall with her square-dancing group . . .”

And one dinner plays out just about like it did last year–like a recording from the same dinner 10 years ago–spinning on toward eternity.

To help save you from Christmas dinner boredom or worse, family get-together conflict, I created a deck of 36 Christmas Conversation Cards. Use these cards to break the monotony, to get everyone laughing and to shift the conversation toward something more meaningful. Here’s a sneak peak:


Simply print the card sheets on card stock, cut them out, and put them in a pretty bowl to pass around at your next Christmas gathering.

Who knows, the cards might help you better appreciate your family and friends. You might learn things that you didn’t know. Maybe they’ll help you laugh and enjoy your  holiday just a little more.


You can also print extra sets of cards, put them in a decorative jar or box and give them as a gift to a hostess, a neighbor, or a teacher. As a kind gesture, you might even insert a few conversation cards into your regular Christmas cards.



I’m excited to offer Christmas Conversation Cards as a FREE printable during the month of December!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!




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