The first time I took my teenaged son Will to an Outback America weekend, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to go:

I didn’t know anyone there.

What were we going to do for an entire weekend with strangers, out in the middle of nowhere?

How could this possibly be fun?

I could not have been more surprised with the way the weekend turned out.

Immediately, we were welcomed and put with a team of mothers and sons who were about Will’s age. The weekend was awesome: “glamping” (luxury camping) in a beautiful place, fun activities, and spending precious time worshipping with my son.

It’s the only time just the two of us have ever gotten away and had our own adventure.

Outback America was really fun, and yet I think I loved it because it was more than just a good time–it was meaningful.

I was reminded of what is most important in life—my relationship with God and with my son (and family). I learned some things about myself that I hadn’t realized before and came away with some practical tips for enhancing these relationships in the future.

The weekend turned out to be more than just an outing–it was a blessing, both emotionally and spiritually.

Since then I’ve volunteered at Outback America, just hoping to pass the blessing on to other parents and teens or husbands and wives (there is also a marriage program). Each camper pair is prayed over from the day they sign up. The weekend program is carefully planned for both groups–focusing on relationship building and learning by doing.

Over the years, I have seen people forgive each other, broken relationships mended, and saving faith in Jesus Christ born. Some couples have torn up their pending divorce papers; several teens and adults have been baptized in the river.

Outback is just 48 hours, but it is well worth trying.

Many campers, like my son and me, return later to volunteer and are encouraged all over again. I don’t know of many ministries that parents and teens can participate in together. The blessing multiplies even further with volunteering and ongoing weekly prayer groups.

The Huntsville Outback is the last weekend of September, 9/29-10/1/17. It offers campers a once in a lifetime experience in the beautiful Paint Rock Valley, near Huntsville. There’s not another weekend quite like it.

In fact, I’m so sure the weekend will be a blessing to you that I’m offering a FREE Outback weekend to ANY of my subscribers who would like to come with their teenager or spouse. This offer is good only for a few more days, ending September 9th (a $350.00 value).

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Don’t miss the opportunity to get away with your teenager or spouse for a transformational, uniquely Christian experience. Outback has been called the “everlasting adventure.” Take the chance that it might just be that for you.

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