I took the picture above of my husband and our daughter when she graduated from nursing school. Her eyes say it all. They’re filled with joy. Adoration. Deep connection. It’s as if she’s saying, “Wow! Look at how far we’ve come, Dad.”

This summer, I’m on a mission to give you the best encouragement I can give in a simple format. So, I’m writing a series of short posts called Encouragement One-2-One. Each post consists of 1 thought, 2 quotes and 1 question.

So here are a few good words about Father’s Day, One-2-One.

One Good Thought:

Many father children, but few are truly fathers.

On Father’s Day, our nation will pause to celebrate our fathers.

But it might be hard for you to celebrate because your father is no longer around.
Or maybe your relationship with your father is broken.
Or possibly your Dad wasn’t the dad you needed him to be.

Even if you can’t celebrate with your earthly father on Father’s Day, you can still celebrate with your Heavenly Father.

If you belong to God, then you have a great Father who will always be with you. And because you are His, you can never be called fatherless. The Lord has given you His name to wear (Rev. 3:12) and reserved a place just for you at His table (Eph. 2:6).

Look at the picture above once more and try to imagine the moment when you meet your Heavenly Father at your “eternal” graduation.

Feel the love. Grasp the deep connection. Taste the incredible joy! Appreciate the special relationship you have with God the Father. On that day, maybe you’ll look up at Him in awe and say, “Wow! Look at how far we’ve come, Dad.”

This Father’s Day, remember to celebrate your Heavenly Father, first.

Then be sure to honor your earthly father (or a father you love). Here are a few ideas:
• Give your father a hug and a heartfelt thank you. (for inspiration see Ps. 103:13, 1 Jn. 3:1)
• Overlook your differences. Extend grace and understanding. (Mark 11:25)
• Make a call or a visit. (This video of me and my sister’s visit to my Dad during COVID-19 will inspire you)
• Surprise your Dad with a gooey chocolate cake with chocolate ganache. (I love this easy recipe)
• Send a Father’s Day card telling your Dad that you love him. (Feel free to use a quote or thought from this post in the card)

While your Dad may not be perfect, be grateful for the good things he has done. Father’s Day is an opportunity for you to simply say, “Thank you, Dad.”

Happy Father’s Day!

2 Good Quotes:

“An earthly father is a child’s first glimpse of the Heavenly Father.”  May Patterson

“A father is:
Respected because he gives his children guidance…
Appreciated because he gives his children care…
Valued because he gives his children time…
Loved because he gives his children the one thing they treasure most – himself.”  Anonymous

1 Good Question:

a) What things about your father are you grateful for? (Brainstorm and share 1 funny/inspiring/sweet thing in the comment section below)

b) Are you the father (or mother) God wants you to be? How could you improve?

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