It’s summertime—time for some outdoor fun in the sun! But amidst all of your adventures, be careful not to neglect the most important thing of all.

This summer, I’m on a mission to give you the best encouragement I can give. So, I’m writing a series of short posts called Encouragement One-2-One, featuring one thought, 2 quotes and one question.

So here’s my encouragement One-2-One, to make time for the most important thing.

One Good Thought

A summer is a terrible thing to waste. Don’t neglect the most important thing of all.

The kids want to go canoeing. Your neighbors invite you over to grill out. The grass needs cutting. You’re into a great Netflix series. Vegetables must be gathered from the garden. Your job is taking extra time. The house is a wreck.

And before you know it, this summer will be gone.

Unless you do some planning, you may neglect the most important thing of all: your soul. You see, each day you need to spend a few moments with your Maker. It doesn’t take a lot of time, but if you don’t make a little time, it won’t happen.

Here’s why you should: to nourish your soul. Only in God’s presence can you get to know Him and become who He made you to be. When you neglect spending time with God, you rob yourself of life’s greatest blessing.

Trust me, I know. I neglected my soul for way too long. But once I finally made seeking God a daily habit, my life began to change, dramatically. I even wrote a book about what I learned called, Seeking a Familiar Face.

My book features stories, humor and practical ideas for seeking after God, including my own personal story of how this simple practice changed my life.

As you read my words, I hope you’ll laugh, cry and say, “me, too.” But mostly, I hope you’ll be encouraged to know God better today than you did yesterday!

The Bible promises: “The Lord will reward those who diligently seek Him.” Heb. 11:6  So don’t rob yourself this summer. Nourish your soul by seeking after the Lord today (my book & workbook can help you).

A summer is a terrible thing to waste. Don’t neglect the most important thing of all!

2 Good Quotes

“To fall in love with God is the greatest romance; to seek Him the greatest adventure; to find Him, the greatest human achievement.”  St. Augustine

“The more you seek God, the more you discover about yourself. In His presence, hidden gifts seem to bubble up from the depths of your soul. Opportunities to develop your talents are revealed. New resources come to light. Nothing will change your life more!”  May Patterson

One Good Question

While there are multiple ways to seek after God, do you limit yourself by doing the same things, over and over? This can cause boredom and a loss of meaning and joy. Remember, while God doesn’t need variety, you do. So do some brainstorming. Think of different ways to seek for God. How can you vary the way you seek for God this week?

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