Don’t let your good work fizzle out–finish strong, with bright colors and a big bang! You’ll be glad you did.

This summer, I’m on a mission to give you the best encouragement I can give. So, I’m writing a series of short posts called Encouragement One-2-One, featuring one thought, 2 quotes and one question.

So here are my thoughts on finishing strong, One-2-One.

One Good Thought

Whatever good thing you attempt to do, keep going until you finish strong.

Have you ever noticed how Fourth-of-July fireworks shows never finish with a tiny white sparkler? No, they always finish strong, with bright colors and a big bang. If you’re like me, you just can’t help clapping at the end.

What if you did the same? What if you persisted in every good thing you did this week, until you finished strong?

When you finish strong, it demonstrates reliability and excellence. A strong finish is really appreciated by those around you, and even by the Lord, Himself.

The Bible explains why you need to finish strong. It says you will reap a harvest of blessing if you don’t give up. (Gal 6:9)

In other words, finishing strong enables you to reap a good harvest, not only for yourself, but also for others. But there won’t be a harvest if you quit.

This is true for big things, but it’s also true for small, everyday things, such as:

• Finishing your project at work strong—with bright colors and a big bang!
• Writing that report (or article) and not putting it down until it rocks.
• Making the sale, and then following up with a thank you note and great customer service.
• Making a good first impression, but also making a good last impression.
• Deepening your knowledge, but then taking steps to use that knowledge for good.
• Doing what you volunteered to do with excellence. (Even if the task is voluntary, a good finish, isn’t.)
• Seeking after Christ and following Him every single day. (This book can help you.)

A great opportunity awaits you—it’s called today.

Start strong and even though it will be hard, persist, and keep at it, and don’t get sidetracked, and refuse to stop, until you finish strong with excellence, so you can reap a harvest of blessing.

When you live like this, it honors God. And like a great fireworks show, He may just have to clap at the end.

Whatever good thing you do this week, don’t quit. Keep going until you finish strong!

2 Good Quotes

“One way or the other you’re going to finish…why not finish strong and be immensely proud of your performance rather than embarrassed by your lack of it?” Gary Ryan Blair

“Babe Ruth–the Home Run King–used to strike out and come back to the bench smiling. They used to say, ‘Babe, you just struck out. How can you smile?’ And Babe would say, ‘I’m just that much closer to my next home run. Just stick around. It won’t be long. One will be sailing over the fence soon.'” Jim Rohn

One Good Question

“Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.” Col. 3:23 NLT

This verse explains that you don’t really work for people–you work for God, Himself. So, how can you work as if you’re working for the Lord? What task can you finish strong, with bright colors and a big bang this week?

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