At the dawn of time, God needed someone He could trust to love His precious children.

And so, God made a mother.

God said, “Life will often be harsh, so I need someone with a gentle touch. Someone who can brush a tear from the downy cheek of a newborn and gauge a child’s temperature without a thermometer. I need someone who has a special knack for soothing, who can kiss away pain and soften blows. Someone who will hold her child’s hand firmly, until she forces herself to release it, tearfully, on the first day of school.”

And so, God made a mother.

“I need someone who will care enough to gather daffodils and put them in a vase, so everybody in the house can enjoy the first blooms of spring.”

“I need someone who will care enough to rummage through the mismatched sock pile, in hopes of finding a match. Someone who will make birthdays extra special, sing silly songs with her toddlers in the car, and who actually wants to go on a school field trip to the insect museum, just to experience it with her child.”

God thought, “I need someone who will play Christmas carols on the piano. Someone who will decorate gingerbread houses with the kids and wrap gifts and deck the halls for Christmas, for nothing in all my creation will be able to make Christmas as special as a mother will.”

And so, God made a mother.

“I’ll make someone who can organize playdates, piano lessons and the pantry. Someone who can find things like a lost football cleat, Dad’s keys, and ‘Bun-Bun,’ her little girl’s favorite stuffed bunny. I need someone to gather a busy family around the dinner table for chicken soup, cornbread, and sharing life together.”

“I need someone who can unload the dishwasher, pack lunches, call out spelling words, and make coffee, while bouncing a baby on her hip. Someone who will carry an array of toys, snacks, and essentials in her heavy purse, and never complain. I need someone to help with endless school projects, organize the football banquet, and say, ‘I’m proud of you,’ even when her child fails.”

“I need someone who is willing to keep going, even when she thinks she has no strength left. Someone who’ll strive to love her kids and to love their father, even more.”

And so, God made a mother.

God said, “I need someone who believes. Someone who will trust that I have a good plan for her and for her children, even when she can’t see it. Someone who will pray for her family daily, for sadly, few people will. I need someone who will share my words and encourage her children to believe in Me because I am the source of life.”

And so, God made a mother.

“I’ll place a second pair of eyes in the back of a mother’s head,” God thought. “I’ll give her bionic ears, and grant her a generous portion of laughter and tears, for she will need them both.”

“Sometimes she’ll feel like she doesn’t have what it takes. There will be days when she is overcome with worry, pain, or failure. But when the need arises, she’ll be there. And while motherhood will be difficult, she’ll come to embrace it with all of her heart.”

“Yes, I need someone who will love my children like . . . well, kind of like I do,” God laughed.

“So, I’ll give each mother a heart the size of Texas, and if she’ll let me, I’ll fill it with my special, forever-kind of love. A love that resembles my own.”

“Once I put a precious baby in her arms, she will never be the same. One day her children will grow up and move on, but she never will. A mother will fight for, and pray for, and sacrifice for her children for as long as she lives.”

And so, God made a mother.

                                                                                                                                     ©Copyright 2020 by May Patterson

A mother is a baby’s very first love. 
Her influence lasts much longer than her life. 
Her love is a living, breathing display of God’s love. 

And while some earthly mothers fail, many strive to love their children well by:
• Encouraging (Heb. 10:25)
• Being appreciative (Ps. 127:3)
• Setting a good example (Prov. 20:7)
• Providing discipline (Prov. 13:24; 19:18)
• Loving sacrificially (Titus 2:4)

On Mother’s Day, our nation will pause to honor our mothers. While they aren’t perfect, they deserve appreciation for the good that they do and the love that they give.

Since you only have one mother in this life, be sure to honor her.

I’ll go first: Happy Mother’s Day to my Mama!

Mama & me in 1973

This Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to give your mother a big hug and a heartfelt compliment. Make a call. Share a family meal. Send a card saying that you love her. Overlook your differences. Don’t let this Mother’s Day go by without letting your Mom know how much you appreciate her.

*This post was inspired by Paul Harvey’s “So God Made a Farmer”

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