I held my son’s hand until the teacher asked all the parents to leave (oh please, I thought, not yet).

My legs felt like lead as I drug myself to the door. My eyes moistened. My throat tightened.

Like most Moms, I felt pretty anxious about school. How could he already be in Kindergarten? What would the year be like? Had I prepared him well enough for this?

Even if your child is starting grad school this week, I bet you can relate.

No matter how old your kids are, the beginning of school each year is a big step.
It’s big for kids. Big for parents. Just BIG. 

Of course, we all want our kids (and grandkids) to thrive and grow at school, but what if they struggle this year? What if they’re treated unfairly? What if they fall in with the wrong crowd?

Perhaps you (and your kids) are feeling pretty anxious about school right now.

I have a suggestion. Why not begin this school year with prayer?

I’m not talking about just a quickie prayer in the car line. (Although, those are good, too.)

I’m talking about parents and kids praying over the school year together in an organized, thoughtful way.

I’d like to help you pray together, so I’ve written this brand new 2023-2024 Back-to-School Prayer Guide* for families:

Thousands have enjoyed my FREE Back-to-School prayer guides for the last 6 years! Join us this week as we pray for 7 days over 2023-2024.

Each day features a prayer focus, a few ideas with related Scriptures, and a page for writing out your personal prayers. Here’s a sneak peak:

Why write down your prayers? Because it helps you organize your requests and provides greater perspective. It also gives you a written record of what you prayed for, in case you forget.

Use this guide to pray with your children as they go back to school! Email me at hello@maypatterson.com and I’ll be happy to send it to you.

Print this guide and use it to pray with your kids, family, or friends.

After you’ve written your prayers in this 7-day guide booklet, save it until the end of the school year. As you look back at your prayers, you may be surprised at how often the Lord has answered “YES” or given you something even better.

When: Monday 8/7/23 – Sunday 8/13/23. (Or whenever you choose)

How: subscribe in the form below and I’ll send you this FREE 7-day back-to-school guide. *
Print it out and use it to pray over the school year. Pray on your own, or with your kids/grandkids, or with your friends.

Why: Because nothing builds your faith like an answered prayer. Prayer will make you feel less anxious about school this year. You won’t regret praying with your family.

Get the Back-to-School Prayer Guide 2023-24* and join us!

*The Back-to-School Prayer Guide is an annual event at maypatterson.com. Every year I make a brand new guide, so get your copy for the 2023-2024 school year today!