Nothing much can grow in the cracked, ugly surface of Death Valley, CA. It’s so hot and dry there, even cacti are scarce.

But in the fall of 2004, something magical happened.

More than 6 inches of rain fell. Nothing changed right away, but under the barren, lifeless surface a “resurrection” took place.

By March, the valley was carpeted by yellow, red and purple wildflowers.**

Scientists call this rare occurrence a “super bloom.” But the bloom in the spring of 2005 was considered a “super-super bloom.” Even areas that scientists thought were totally dead sprang to life, flowered and multiplied.

Like the desert, our lives can sometimes feel dead and barren, too.

A dream fails. A relationship shatters. Mistakes are made. Some seasons are bleak; others are just plain hard. Life’s ups and downs can leave you feeling dry and even a bit “dead” inside.

I get it. It’s like that for me, too.

In “desert times,”  it’s easy to overlook one of the greatest gifts of being a Christian: the resurrection power that lives within you.

At Easter we celebrate Christ’s resurrection because it promises that we will rise someday, too.

But here’s the Easter blessing that’s easy to miss: we’re promised not only future resurrection—but also resurrection power right now.

Paul prayed that we might “understand how incredibly great his power is to help those who believe him. It is the same mighty power that raised Christ from the dead . . .” (Eph. 1:19-20)

This incredible resurrection power not only lives within you—it is also at work within you. This means “resurrection” is possible at ANY time, even in those hard places that feel dry, or barren, or dead.

I know about this firsthand.
Last year, I experienced a sort of “resurrection” myself.

After my Dad died in 2022, I couldn’t write. The words just dried up. My creativity felt dead. And I really didn’t care.

I only spoke a few times in 2022 (to fulfill previous obligations) and produced zero (yep, “0”) written articles. But those ministry “seeds” weren’t really dead within my heart; they were just dormant, waiting until conditions were right once again.

Resurrection happened to me last July, almost a year to the day of my Dad’s fatal accident.

A man from a Christian school called and asked me to write a back-to-school prayer guide* for all the students and their parents.

I flatly said, “no.”
“But the school has distributed your prayer guides for years,” he said. “We have to have a new one for this year.”

I had no idea an entire school used my prayer guides.
So I prayed about it, remembering God’s resurrection power.
Somehow, I knew God was calling me to rise up and start writing, again.

The next morning, I went to work. A job that usually takes a couple of weeks, took only a couple of days. Creativity seemed to fall out of the sky, like rain. Ideas sprung up in my heart during the night. And like the wind, deep thoughts hit me at odd times and places (such as the shower).

Words burst forth from my dry, cracked heart onto the page. It kind of felt like this:

Then speaking invitations began to spring up from absolutely nowhere:

October 2023, Middleburg, Virginia

And the joy of writing is slowly coming back, too.

I’ve experienced “resurrection power,” firsthand.
I believe you can, too.

Resurrection power is for:
Stuck careers
Rocky marriages
Rebellious children
Shattered hope
Broken hearts

C.S. Lewis describes the resurrection power within believers as “death working backwards.”

What might “death working backwards” mean for you, right now?

Since resurrection power resides within you, new life can spring forth from something you thought was dead and gone—believe it.

Consider how others have experienced resurrection, too:
A childless woman named Sarah had a son when she was ninety years old.
A slave named Joseph became a powerful Egyptian prince who saved his people.
An unmarried peasant named Mary rose to become the mother of the Lord Jesus Christ.
A demonic woman named Mary Magdalene was the first person to meet the resurrected Savior.
A zealous murderer named Saul (Paul) wrote the most profound description of love, ever in 1 Cor. 13.

They experienced resurrection power. So can you.

Just as the Lord can make the desert rise up and burst into bloom, He can also raise up “dead” areas in your life and make them fruitful and even beautiful, once again. Believe it. Count on it. Build your hope on it. Here’s how:

  • As you celebrate Easter this year, celebrate the awesome resurrection power that is at work within your life!
  • Marvel at how death has (and is) working backwards in your life.
  • Thank God that this awesome resurrection power is yours, both now and forever.
  • Trust that when conditions are right, miraculous resurrection will happen for you!

Join your heart with mine in this Easter prayer, adapted & personalized from Eph. 1:18-19:

Dear Lord, as I celebrate Easter, open my heart to the hope I have in Christ. Help me to honor the glorious power that dwells within me. It is the same power that raised Christ from death and placed him at your right side in heaven. Thank you that your great power is at work in my life, both now and forever. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Happy Easter! 🌸

*The Back-to-School Prayer Guide is an annual event at Every year I write a new guide to help families pray over the school year together. Since it’s never too late to pray about school, you can still get the 2023-24 guide for FREE by simply requesting it via email at

**Conditions are right for another superbloom in Death Valley in the spring of 2024. We’ll see what happens!