Meet May

I am just an ordinary person who knows an extraordinary God.

I grew up in the great state of Alabama, in the very heart of the South—in church every Sunday and out of touch with God. Instead, I focused on the rules: all that I should do (a long, ever-changing list). I focused on myself: being happy, good times, hanging out at the lake with friends and it was never enough.

I married my best friend, Mike, and yet it was still not enough. I began gingerly slipping down the spiral of frustration toward the pit of bitterness thinking, “I deserve so much more.”

And then one day, I did get more.

I had a two-year-old and then have mercy, twin boys . . . I wanted to run away and live with friends on the beach—permanently. My goal of a fun life evaporated quickly in the presence of dirty diapers and forced insomnia. Those rules I grew up revering seemed pretty unimportant. I was barely surviving. I loved my family too much to leave, so I stayed and was miserable—lucky them.

This crisis drove me to reach out to God, because obviously, I had missed something with Him—the joy.

I started spending small amounts of time with God at first, doing little things to reach out. I began seeking to know Him, and quickly learned that seeking God isn’t a random side trip—it is a lifelong journey, an active search for something more.

This was new for me, and it changed everything.

Now, seemingly overnight, my children are grown. Thankfully, seeking God changed me before I totally ruined their childhood. God helped me handle the stress of all those babies at once, and He gave me a deep love for each one.


The verse that says, “God rewards those who diligently seek Him,” is true. I found reward: eventually, my unhappiness was replaced with increasing joy and confidence.

Spending time with God has even empowered me to try new things, like becoming a speaker and a writer.

Years ago, I would have never dared to try because I feared disapproval, way too much. But now, I just have to share what God has done, whether I’m approved of or not.

This has freed me to accomplish more than I ever thought I could.

I first began writing for local publications. Eventually, this led me to write for international magazines such as Focus on the Family, and Upper Room, and my own blog. I also began a professional speaking career. Then I decided to write a book. For three years, I poured myself into this project because I know (first-hand) that seeking God transforms lives.

But writing my book was tedious. Time-consuming. And pretty frustrating. Sometimes, it seemed like I would never finish. I often wondered if it would ever be a real book.

Finally, God helped me finish.

And one day I stood at the mailbox, eagerly tearing the brown packaging off the very first copy of my book, Seeking a Familiar Face. Then, I sat down on the porch steps in tears. Holding my book in my hands for the first time felt surreal. Unbelievable. And pretty awesome!

My book is filled with stories, humor and practical ideas for seeking after God, including my own personal story of how seeking God changed my life. There are questions at the end of each chapter to discuss with a friend, book club, or a Bible study group.

It doesn’t matter if you are already seeking God or just getting started, my book will encourage you to go a little farther toward deepening your relationship with Him.

As you read it, I hope you will laugh, cry and say, “me, too.”

But mostly, I hope you will be encouraged to know God better today, than yesterday!

I’ve also written a companion study guide called, A Forty-Day Guide for Seeking God. For 40 days it will guide you to seek after the Lord, through simple, yet meaningful ways.

If you take my 40-day challenge to seek God, you won’t be the same on day 41! How do I know? Because no time spent with God is ever wasted.

Being an author has taken me to places I’d never dreamed I’d go and given me the privilege of meeting many wonderful people. And I’m so grateful for this one-of-a-kind trip.

Sometimes, it’s been joyful (and pretty humorous).

At other times, it’s been quite painful. But at all times, it has been worthwhile.

My Heart & Home

Mike and I still live in Alabama. Our children are grown and flown, but we see them often and love them everyday. I started writing because my journey has been so meaningful. I just have to share it—and I am honored that you dropped by to listen.

I was born and raised on a farm in the city (I’m pseudo-country). I love horses, hiking and being outdoors—my favorite forms of therapy. I also love to travel and see what God has made. That love has taken me to many places and I am still going.


A few years ago, I made a very meaningful trip to the Holy Land with my entire family. Even Grandma went. It was something like Southern preppy goes to the Middle East, and we will never be the same (neither will they).

My family has lived in Madison County, Alabama, since 1803—that means I know or am kin to lots of people who live here. Mama said to always be nice, because someone might be family. Recently, I discovered that my best friend (other than Mike ☺) is actually my distant cousin—Mama was right—but that’s pretty much how it is in Alabama: family, friends and home sweet home.

Speaking of family, my precious grown children are Caroline and her husband Jake and daughter Elise, and my sons, Will & Bryant. What a blessing to have them, my appreciation grows each year.

When the twins left home, I went from two kids to zero instantly and it was—well, an adjustment. Writing and speaking has become my new role and I see now that God has planned this, all along.


Mike and I married in 1987, right after college. I worked a few years in real estate marketing before becoming a full-time Mom. Since the kids are gone now, we are free to pursue our dreams and hobbies. Somehow, Mike puts up with me from one adventure to the next. I am so grateful for his unyielding support for my call to write—wherever it leads.

Ultimately, my calling, and yours, is to know God and His Son, Jesus Christ—for that is the highest calling of all.