A Thank You Note to God at Thanksgiving


Have you ever written a thank you note to God? I haven’t. After all the gifts He’s given me, I ought to know better.Mama taught me to write thank you notes whenever I received a gift. (After all, that's what Southern mamas are supposed to do). She put floral stationery and stamps in my desk because [...]

A Thank You Note to God at Thanksgiving2021-12-05T11:12:56-06:00

5 Things Moms (like me) Shouldn’t Say


Ever blurt out something in front of your kids that you know deep down moms really shouldn't say? Yep, me too. While I try not to use foul or abusive language, sometimes my words can be a bit careless . . . or honestly, downright negative. Maybe you can relate. The Bible tells us to guard [...]

5 Things Moms (like me) Shouldn’t Say2021-12-01T08:25:08-06:00

How to Live Your Best Life with a Chronic Illness


Either you have a chronic illness, or you love someone who does. Although my friend Mark Fry has MS, he’s used it to bless numerous people. During a recent interview, he told me how he learned to live his best life with a chronic illness. I hope his story will encourage you and if it [...]

How to Live Your Best Life with a Chronic Illness2021-10-21T06:55:06-05:00
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