How to Sabotage Your Marriage (Without Realizing It)


She looked hot and she knew it. Blonde. Curvaceous. Suede stilettos with a way-too-short skirt. Beckoning green eyes and a killer smile to match. She wanted everyone’s attention in the room and boy, she got it (including mine). She floated through the crowd, giggling with one group and then another. Finally, she sauntered over toward [...]

How to Sabotage Your Marriage (Without Realizing It)2021-06-21T22:04:58-05:00

God Never Forgets Your Prayers


Bless her heart, young Mary Ann just couldn’t sing a lick. Even the tune of "Happy Birthday" gave her trouble. She tried to sing like all the other kids, but somehow, she just couldn’t hit the notes. Mary Ann prayed that God would help her learn to sing, but it just didn’t happen. Soon, she forgot [...]

God Never Forgets Your Prayers2022-05-24T20:25:14-05:00

Praying with Your Spouse: 7 Common Mistakes to Avoid


When Mike and I were first married, I admit we prayed together more from habit, than we did from the heart. Mostly we prayed together at meals, rattling off a few quick clichés and routine catchphrases before we ate. When we tried to pray deeper, more authentic prayers, it felt a bit awkward, so it [...]

Praying with Your Spouse: 7 Common Mistakes to Avoid2021-10-06T07:54:50-05:00
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