Disabled to D1: How Taylor Davis Learned to Win


Dear Reader, I hope you're doing well today, but it's possible that you're not. Perhaps you’re facing something pretty tough right now. Maybe it’s grief. Disease. A painful setback. Or even a disability—physically or emotionally. If so, this post is for you:Taylor Davis was born with a disabled right arm, yet incredibly, she played D1 softball at [...]

Disabled to D1: How Taylor Davis Learned to Win2023-10-15T06:54:16-05:00

Back-to-School Prayer Guide for 2022-2023


When my daughter Caroline graduated from college, I was thrilled to have at least one child out of school. But in 2018, she headed back to school. AGAIN. The day she began graduate school, I had a lot of conflicting emotions:Nostalgia: how can this be? Seems like only yesterday I was sending her off to first [...]

Back-to-School Prayer Guide for 2022-20232024-02-28T10:16:26-06:00

How to Live Your Best Life with a Chronic Illness


Either you have a chronic illness, or you love someone who does. Although my friend Mark Fry has MS, he’s used it to bless numerous people. During a recent interview, he told me how he learned to live his best life with a chronic illness. I hope his story will encourage you and if it [...]

How to Live Your Best Life with a Chronic Illness2021-10-21T06:55:06-05:00
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