5 Go-To Verses for Days When You’re Angry


His words were ugly and personal and even though I knew better, I let him get to me.I’ll call the guy “Dwight” (because he kind of reminds me of “Dwight” on The Office).Dwight’s face flushed beet red.His eyes bulged out like an insect’s. He stomped around my office, yelling and pointing his finger. At me.I [...]

5 Go-To Verses for Days When You’re Angry2022-11-06T05:39:01-06:00

Why You Should Take a Leap of Faith in 2022


BEECH MOUNTAIN, NC: February 1975—“Daddy, do you really think I can ski?” I said as I weighed the risks of downhill skiing. My father put his arm around me and said, “I know you can.” “But what if I fall?”“Oh, you’re gonna fall,” he said, nodding decisively.“Will it hurt?”“Falling might hurt, but trust me: I [...]

Why You Should Take a Leap of Faith in 20222022-05-24T19:26:48-05:00

8 Special Gifts of Family Dinners


“Every family needs to eat together . . . especially OURS,” my grandmother used to say. And so every week our family gathered around her table, including 2nd cousins once-removed, great-great-aunts and some we weren't sure about, so we just called them "next of kin." All were welcome. None left hungry.  Grandmother loved serving carbs: mashed potatoes, [...]

8 Special Gifts of Family Dinners2022-07-03T22:27:13-05:00
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