Why You Should Take a Leap of Faith in 2022


BEECH MOUNTAIN, NC: February 1975—“Daddy, do you really think I can ski?” I said as I weighed the risks of downhill skiing. My father put his arm around me and said, “I know you can.” “But what if I fall?”“Oh, you’re gonna fall,” he said, nodding decisively.“Will it hurt?”“Falling might hurt, but trust me: I [...]

Why You Should Take a Leap of Faith in 20222022-05-24T19:26:48-05:00

8 Special Gifts of Family Dinners


“Every family needs to eat together . . . especially OURS,” my grandmother used to say. And so every week our family gathered around her table, including 2nd cousins once-removed, great-great-aunts and some we weren't sure about, so we just called them "next of kin." All were welcome. None left hungry.  Grandmother loved serving carbs: mashed potatoes, [...]

8 Special Gifts of Family Dinners2022-05-25T00:18:51-05:00

A Thank You Note to God at Thanksgiving


Have you ever written a thank you note to God? I haven’t. After all the gifts He’s given me, I ought to know better.Mama taught me to write thank you notes whenever I received a gift. (After all, that's what Southern mamas are supposed to do). She put floral stationery and stamps in my desk because [...]

A Thank You Note to God at Thanksgiving2021-12-29T22:30:26-06:00
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