Back-to-School Prayer Guide for 2022-2023


When my daughter Caroline graduated from college, I was thrilled to have at least one child out of school. But in 2018, she headed back to school. AGAIN. The day she began graduate school, I had a lot of conflicting emotions:Nostalgia: how can this be? Seems like only yesterday I was sending her off to first [...]

Back-to-School Prayer Guide for 2022-20232023-06-13T15:52:35-05:00

How to Be Your Child’s Greatest Fan (without being a jerk)


For the record, my husband and I staged the picture above with our nephew a few years ago, as a joke. But for some, youth sports are no laughing matter.As a veteran sports mom and a coach's wife, I’ve witnessed some extreme ballpark behavior: coaches throwing pens, clipboards and hats. Tearful mothers screaming at the [...]

How to Be Your Child’s Greatest Fan (without being a jerk)2022-03-14T10:50:09-05:00

You Are Light in a Dark World: SHINE ON


The other night, I made a dumb mistake. I wasn’t going to tell you about it, but I just have to. Although I knew better, I watched the news for over an hour. I listened intently as they described one horrific thing after another, in vivid detail.And afterwards, I felt sick.There were murders. Scandals. Hatred. [...]

You Are Light in a Dark World: SHINE ON2022-03-19T10:50:26-05:00
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