How Remembering that “Holy Night” Can Lift Your Heart


The sky was pitch black. It was eerily quiet. The sheep were still while the shepherds dozed against a tree. Suddenly a dazzling, golden light rippled across the dark, inky sky. The shepherds jumped to their feet as the light came down and shimmered around them. It was beautiful, but absolutely terrifying.Next, a glittering angel [...]

How Remembering that “Holy Night” Can Lift Your Heart2023-12-17T15:16:10-06:00

8 Special Gifts of Family Dinners


“Every family needs to eat together . . . especially OURS,” my grandmother used to say. And so every week our family gathered around her table, including 2nd cousins once-removed, great-great-aunts and some we weren't sure about, so we just called them "next of kin." All were welcome. None left hungry.  Grandmother loved serving carbs: mashed potatoes, [...]

8 Special Gifts of Family Dinners2022-07-03T22:27:13-05:00

A New Screwtape Letter About Christmas 2020


The virus is ramping up and businesses are shutting down. People are arguing. Complaining. Fear and dread are in the air. Welcome to Christmas 2020. In light of our current problems, how can anybody feel hopeful this year?  C.S. Lewis once asked a similar question. During WWII, London was bombed regularly. Thousands died or were [...]

A New Screwtape Letter About Christmas 20202021-06-19T22:54:44-05:00
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