A Thank You Note to God at Thanksgiving


Have you ever written a thank you note to God? I haven’t. After all the gifts He’s given me, I ought to know better.Mama taught me to write thank you notes whenever I received a gift. (After all, that's what Southern mamas are supposed to do). She put floral stationery and stamps in my desk because [...]

A Thank You Note to God at Thanksgiving2021-12-29T22:30:26-06:00

Why You Should Be Grateful, Even If You Don’t Feel Like It


If you only had the things today, that you paused to be grateful for yesterday, what would you have? Would you have food? Or a car? Or even the clothes on your back?Thank goodness this question is merely hypothetical. Otherwise, I’d be hungry, on foot and well . . . in the buff. What about [...]

Why You Should Be Grateful, Even If You Don’t Feel Like It2023-05-01T10:48:56-05:00

Be Thankful–It’s Good for You


It’s been a year like no other. Not in a good way. The pandemic is on the rise, as is crime, unemployment and social distancing. You’ve felt the pain of 2020.I've felt it, too. Like a weight in my soul.In fact, I wasn’t going to post this Thanksgiving because honestly, I’ve been feeling more fearful [...]

Be Thankful–It’s Good for You2021-06-09T20:49:36-05:00
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