5 Reasons Why YOU Are Creative


Do you ever wonder if you are creative? Deep down you sense that you are. But then doubt creeps in, and you just aren’t sure. (*The FREE creativity workbook below can help)   Many people think being creative means being really talented. I disagree. Creativity is more about attitude and less about ability.   You can [...]

5 Reasons Why YOU Are Creative2021-07-15T07:08:58-05:00

Out of Africa: What I Learned from Curtis & Devry Coghlan


They were utterly alone. Abandoned. Hungry. Clinging to one another in a mud hut in rural Kenya. Christine, the oldest, had advanced conjunctivitis in both eyes. Each day, her eyesight became more filmy and dim. Her younger brother, Enoch, had a burgeoning mass on his sternum and a growing, infectious sore on his back. Their [...]

Out of Africa: What I Learned from Curtis & Devry Coghlan2017-01-09T07:57:01-06:00

Graduation 2016: It’s Not Just For Students


Graduation--a bittersweet mix of springtime, caps and gowns, home videos and tears. One short ceremony marks the end of a long era. The graduates are filled with excitement; most parents feel a growing void. The graduates look forward and dream; the parents look back and remember. Its funny how all the last-time things stand out [...]

Graduation 2016: It’s Not Just For Students2021-10-06T08:00:40-05:00
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