8 Special Gifts of Family Dinners


“Every family needs to eat together . . . especially OURS,” my grandmother used to say. And so every week our family gathered around her table, including 2nd cousins once-removed, great-great-aunts and some we weren't sure about, so we just called them "next of kin." All were welcome. None left hungry.  Grandmother loved serving carbs: mashed potatoes, [...]

8 Special Gifts of Family Dinners2021-12-07T06:49:36-06:00

5 Things Moms (like me) Shouldn’t Say


Ever blurt out something in front of your kids that you know deep down moms really shouldn't say? Yep, me too. While I try not to use foul or abusive language, sometimes my words can be a bit careless . . . or honestly, downright negative. Maybe you can relate. The Bible tells us to guard [...]

5 Things Moms (like me) Shouldn’t Say2021-12-01T08:25:08-06:00

So God Made a Mother: For Mother’s Day


At the dawn of time, God needed someone He could trust to love His precious children. And so, God made a mother. God said, “Life will often be harsh, so I need someone with a gentle touch. Someone who can brush a tear from the downy cheek of a newborn and gauge a child’s temperature [...]

So God Made a Mother: For Mother’s Day2021-10-06T07:48:19-05:00
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