If You Dread Thanksgiving Dinner This Year, Try This


Ever dread Thanksgiving dinner? Yep, I've done that, too.Maybe it's because anytime a family gets together, drama is a real possibility:Unwanted advice can be passed around as easily as the Jell-O. Guilt is sometimes ladled out liberally, like the gravy. Wise-cracks and barbs may pepper the main course.And griping can make dessert bittersweet. If this [...]

If You Dread Thanksgiving Dinner This Year, Try This2023-11-20T07:43:31-06:00

A Thank You Note to God at Thanksgiving


Have you ever written a thank you note to God? I haven’t. After all the gifts He’s given me, I ought to know better.Mama taught me to write thank you notes whenever I received a gift. (After all, that's what Southern mamas are supposed to do). She put floral stationery and stamps in my desk because [...]

A Thank You Note to God at Thanksgiving2021-12-29T22:30:26-06:00

Be Thankful–It’s Good for You


It’s been a year like no other. Not in a good way. The pandemic is on the rise, as is crime, unemployment and social distancing. You’ve felt the pain of 2020.I've felt it, too. Like a weight in my soul.In fact, I wasn’t going to post this Thanksgiving because honestly, I’ve been feeling more fearful [...]

Be Thankful–It’s Good for You2021-06-09T20:49:36-05:00
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