Speaking Topics

VIDEO of my talk at the HICLC Annual Dinner. Click on the picture above to watch a short sample.

As much as I love writing, nothing delights me more than speaking!

Whether it’s to a small group or to a large audience, it’s my joy to connect in person. If you’re looking for a speaker to encourage and inspire from a biblical perspective, I’d love to speak at your next conference, retreat, or fundraising event.

I speak on a variety of topics, such as:

Say YES to the Greatest Invitation of Your Life! The more you say “yes” to God’s invitation to seek after Him, the more your life will change, one encounter at a time. This can be a single talk or an entire retreat using my book, Seeking a Familiar Face.

Love Over Fear Retreat: Brand new in 2024! We live in frightening times, so how can you rein in fear? In this retreat I lead audiences to explore & experience God’s natural antidote to fear–His love. And I give them strategies from scripture to use during the scariest of times.

How to Look Up When You’re Feelin’ Down: In this talk, I teach a simple “prayer for despair” that can help you look up when you’re down. And I identify 3 “stairs” that can lift you out of despair, so you can do greater things than you ever thought were possible!

3 Simple Ways to Love Hard-to-Love People: All of us have hard-to-love people in our lives, yet God calls us to love them well. But how? This talk is filled with fun stories, humor and practical ideas to help you love more deeply.

Let Go & Celebrate! This talk will inspire you to release your burdens for a short while, raise your eyes, lift your heart and celebrate the Lord in worship like never before. (This can be a single talk, retreat or a 4-week series.)

3 Questions That Will Inspire You to Use Your Gifts. You have far more gifts than you realize. But how can you use them, if you don’t know you have them? That’s where I come in, leading audiences to explore all God has given them. Use your gifts and live fully alive!

5 Ways to Make Your Prayer Life Richer: Do you sometimes struggle in prayer? Do you wish your prayer life was deeper and more uplifting? In this talk I explore ways to make your prayer life richer than ever before.

What people are saying:

May did a fantastic job speaking at our ladies retreat! She’s such a great storyteller, she kept us on the edge of our seats and laughing all weekend. Her talks were very encouraging to the ladies in our church. Liz Goldman, Ladies Ministry Board, Faith Presbyterian, Huntsville, AL.

I was so encouraged at our retreat when May talked about the same struggles and questions I’ve had. She has an engaging way with words and relates truth in humorous ways. We’re going to use her book for our small group studies at church to point others toward the rich life that Christ offers. Selwyn Reynolds, Ladies Board, Central Church of Christ, Huntsville, AL

We loved having May for our last retreat! The truths she shared from her book, Seeking a Familiar Face, were deep and inspiring. I hope to hear her speak again, soon. Dianne Young, Hendersonville Church of Christ, Hendersonville, TN

May’s funny stories really inspire you and I could so relate to them! Her book touched my heart so much, we bought a copy for each of the 120 women who attended our retreat! I highly recommend her as a speaker for a retreat or ladies conference. Bari Harwell, Women’s Director, Otter Creek Church, Brentwood, TN

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